Delhi High Court in a case[1] restrained a party by the name of Manoj Nagar from using marks deceptively similar to the Audioplus’       registered STUDIOMASTER/ mark with the leeway to use the trade name/trademark STUDIO MAN, albeit, without any stylization. Audioplus argued that it applied for registration of the device mark in India on 07.06.1999; which eventually, was granted in due course. Besides this, it has acquired trademark registrations for formative marks in Class 9. Madras High Court in a case[2] restrained Iceberg Walnut Foods India Private Limited from using its ICEBERG mark, and thereby from infringing the International Foodstuffs Co. LLC’s registered LONDON DAIRY mark.

Calcutta High Court in a case restraine Maa Tara Trading Co., from using the Kaira District Cooperative Milk Producers Union Ltd’s (KDC) wellknown mark Amul. The court while restraining the other side noted that KDc’s mark has been granted the status of Well Known Mark  by the Registrar and any unauthorized use of the mark AMUL will deceive the customers into believing that the candles have something to do with the well known mark AMUL.

A Delhi District Court in a case [1] restrained Lemon Security and Services Management Pvt. Ltd., from using any mark deceptively similar to the Retail Royalty Company’s registered flying eagle mark . Retail Royalty Company argued that it is the proprietor of the Flying Eagle Device mark in India and around the world with trademark registrations for the said mark in 65 countries including India. 



YouTube has roped in a new tool named “Checks” that will automatically check the videos and warn of potential copyright claims before the video is published.

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