Delhi High Court in a case1 restrained Anoop Tech from putting up the infringing contents in relation to the SAP SE’s trademarks and copyright on its websites and or any other website(s) created or on third party websites/platforms. SAP SE argued that they are the owner of the trademark ‘SAP’ and also own the copyright in the software being registered in their favour. 

The Delhi High Court in a case 2 restrained one Mr. Alok Jain from infringing the Reckitt Benckiser’s (RB) registered ‘DETTOL’, ‘HARPIC’, and ‘COLIN’ marks and the copyright of the RB’s in its design, colour combination and trade dress etc. RB argued that it is dealing in manufacturing, packaging, sale and distribution of various healthcare, homecare and hygiene products such as Dettol Antiseptic Liquid, Dettol Masks, Dettol Hand Wash, Dettol Soap, Dettol Disinfectant Liquid, Harpic toilet and bathroom cleaner, Colin, etc. The marks of the RB including the word marks and the device marks are duly registered in its favour.

A civil Court in Maharashtra in a case3 issued notice to the Serum Institute of India (SII) in a suit alleging passing off which seeks to restrain SII from using the trademark “COVISHIELD” or “COVID-SHIELD”, which is a Nanded-based pharmaceutical company “Cutis Biotech” claims to be the “lawful and prior user” of. “Cutis Biotech” which claimed to be the “lawful and prior user” of the trade name “COVI SHIELD” with a pending application for registration of “COVI SHIELD” trademark in its name since April 29, 2020.



The Delhi High Court in a case restrained Ravi Pocket Books from publishing or re-publishing Anil Mohan Bhardwaj’s novels, changing the prices of these novels, and making audio books from these novels without his consent. Anil Bhardwaj argued that he is a Hindi Novelist, writing independently since the age of 15 years and has written and got published around 750 novels. Around 258 novels have been written under his original name and rest of the novels been published under several trade names.



The Tamil Nadu Agricultural University has obtained a patent for the technology for protein extraction for seed treatment and        foliar    spray    application.      The technology       includes           product development   procedure        of         protein extract for seed treatment and foliar spray to improve crop productivity and after proper examination.

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